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Dance Fitness Workout – No Tears Left To Cry – Ariana Grande Cardio workout Burn Fat Workout

Awesome song to do a great workout too. This is a fun heavy cardio based fitness workout to burn fat and raise your heart beat! Brand new fresh and fun old school workout for cardio. The best way to get fit and have fun doing it is to dance along to this dance fitness workout routine by Dance Lovely. Led By Rosie White, this is a fun dance fitness workout to Ariana Grande No Tears Left To Cry. This dance fitness workout routine will have you burning calories, toning up and will have you increasing your cardio and staminia, your be enjoying yourself so much it won’t feel like a workout. Dance fitness workouts are a great way to get fit and have fun. Especially when the music is awesome!

Ariana Grande No Tears Left To Cry Dance Fitness workout is a none stop workout routine that will get you fit in under 5 minutes. It’s a quick and simple Daily Dance Workout. You don’t even need to be a dancer to be doing these workouts, but they will get you a dancer’s body, by following these dance fitness workout routines.


Remember to check back for more Dance Fitness Workouts as they come out weekly. Our aim is to have you doing dance fitness workouts to the hottest new music each week. Get Fit, Have Fun and Dance Lovely.

This Dance Fitness Workout video was brought to you by Dance Lovely.



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3 Ways to Naturally Boost Fat Loss – Leg Workout

Check Out How Power Block Helps Boost Fat Loss:

What’s up everybody!

It’s Mike with Sixpack Shortcuts and the topic for today is: TESTOSTERONE! This is something that concerns all you guys so I want you to watch this whole video because it’s tips like this that will give you that unfair advantage over the rest to get you that ripped, muscular body that you’ve always wanted.

Video Breakdown:

**3 Ways to boost your testosterone, naturally:
0:10 1) Sleep
– You need to be getting 7 – 8 hours of sleep every night.
0:50 2) Workout
– Certain workouts help to produce more testosterone than others.
– Choose workouts that exert more energy and use large muscle groups.
1:45 3) Eat your fats!
– Even I made this mistake years ago, you need fats they’re your energy.
– I used to cut my carbs but didn’t replace that energy source with another – FAT.
– Also, the building blocks of testosterone is fat, so eat them.

So with all that in mind let’s knock one of these out right now to boost our testosterone – workout!

Workout Breakdown:

4 exercises / 8 reps / 3 sets / 30 seconds on / 30 seconds off

3:46 The way it works is that for each set, if you’re able to complete your 8 reps then you need to go up in weight for the next set.
– So start with a manageable weight and move up from there.
– Once you’re struggling to get those last few reps, stay at that weight for the rest of the workout.

You ready for a testosterone boosting leg workout using only PowerBlocks? Let’s go!

– Deadlifts:
4:06 Set 1
5:06 Set 2
6:06 Set 3

– Squats:
6:48 Set 1
7:48 Set 2
8:48 Set 3

– Lunges:
9:46 Set 1
10:46 Set 2
11:46 Set 3

– Burpees:
12:36 Set 1
13:36 Set 2
14:36 Set 3

Hope you enjoyed this workout, give this a try for yourself – and notice how much energy and stamina you’ll have! Comment below if you have any questions and as always, leave your comments. And remember, just try it out, that’s all it takes!

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Train hard,


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Cheerleading Fitness – pompom workout for abs

A fun fitness workout for your abs: some great toning exercises to get a sixpack! Working your abdominal muscles can be a drag… We have a fun, innovative way of working your sixpack! No pompoms? No problem: you can easily do these exercises without poms too. Click on the link for more workouts with pom poms!