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Our Home Gym Setup – New Equipment for Our Home Workout!

We are getting our new home gym setup together in this One Big Happy Life vlog. After cutting our gym membership last month, we decided to get some more home exercise equipment for our home workouts. Remember to subscribe for more One Big Happy Life!

We are committed to making weight loss–and our overall health–a priority this year and we know that our diy gym will go a long way towards making that happen. As busy parents, we dont’ always have a ton of time to head off to the gym, especially with a toddler in tow. The best thing about doing a home workout is that you don’t have to drive anywhere. You can just head down to your basement!

This video is all about how to build home gym equipment. Our new equipment came in three boxes with hundreds of pieces and took us hours to assemble! Who needs a workout after doing hours of heavy lifting?😂

We will be doing many more videos as we work towards our goals of living a healthier life. Stay tuned for more weight loss tips, healthy meal prep, and weight lifting workouts!

Our New Gym Equipment:
Our Dumbbells:
Our Plate Weights:
Our Exercise Ball:
Our Elliptical:
High density mats:

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We are Tasha & Joseph a millennial couple balancing kids, jobs, money, and life.

One Big Happy Life is our website which focuses on creating a life you love by finding the right balance between your personal and financial goals.

Life isn’t just about one thing but money touches on just about everything. Personal finance doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming.

Our goal is to empower you to take charge of your money and enjoy your life.

▸▸▸Our Camera Equipment |

Our Big Camera:
Our Main Camera:
Small Lens:
Big Lens:
Our Vlog Camera:
Big Tripod:
Small Tripod:
Selfie Stick:
Memory Cards:

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How to Inflate an Exercise Ball

Step-by-step visual guidance for those who purchased our Gold’s Gym exercise balls. For further assistance, refer to the instruction manual that’s included in the kit or contact Stamina Customer Care:

[email protected]


Total Fitness! Exercise Made Simple arm workout Part 1

simple bicep- tricep workout with a pair of dumbells. exercise good for both men and woman.


7 Simple Exercises for a Beautiful and Attractive Bust

To improve the shape of your breasts, all you have to do is regularly perform a few simple exercises. Try this short workout, and you will be impressed by the effect it has. Don’t bother looking for a stopwatch; we’ll count for you!

In our digital age, images of “perfect” ladies with perfect breasts look at us from everywhere inviting to join the club. Stars spotting fabulous dresses on the red carpet greet you in the morning from your smartphone screen. Morning shows promote a healthy lifestyle from your TV screen, and there you see those beautiful breasts again. You are out of the house, and there they are, on every billboard.

Exercise 1 1:02
Exercise 2 2:03
Exercise 3 3:36
Exercise 4 7:48
Exercise 5 10:43
Exercise 6 12:52
Exercise 7 16:53

We have something to tell you. Do you know why breasts sag? It happens with age. Our skin gets older and less elastic, and the weigh of our breasts simply pulls it down.
The muscles supporting breasts also get weaker with age, so breasts just can’t keep as perky as they used to be. So, weight gain is another common reason for breast sagging. And so is breastfeeding. It makes the chest tissues looser.
By the way, nicotine, alcohol, and carbonated beverages do no good to your skin and cells either. Cutting on them is always a good idea.

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6 Exercises to Get Rid of Cellulite in 2 Weeks

Cellulite occurs when you have too much body fat and not enough muscle. It needs to be addressed with the help of proper nutrition, massage, and a well-planned training program. You can give it a try right now while watching the video!

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